Here's a list of Harley Sachs's books:                                                               NOVELS

Queer Company

Never Trust a Talking Horse

The Gold Chromosome

Murder by Mail  (previously "Scratch--out!")

Ben Zakkai's Coffin

The Search for Jesse Bram

The Mystery Club Solves a Murder

The Mystery Club and the Dead Doctor

The Mystery Club and the Hidden Witness

The Mystery Club and the Serial Widow

Deliver me from Evil

White Slave


Murder in the Keweenaw

The Lollipop Murder



Burnt Out

San in Love


The Accidental Courier

Dead Men Don't Bleed The Seventh Paradigm: Harvey Weinstein is Watching You

                          Collections of Short Fiction

Ahoy! Quarterdeck! (Previously "Irma Quarterdeck Reports")

Anna-Lena's Troll and  Other Stories

Threads of the Covenant: The Jews of Red Jacket

Misplaced Persons


Freelance Non-Fiction Articles

The Misadvantures of Cpl. Sachs

The 1957 Sachs Arctic Expedition

From Tent to Castle: Memoir of a Year Long Honeymoon


​Chilly-Chilly-BANG! How we Freelanced Through Europe's Coldest Winter in a                 VW with a Kid

Essays and Columns: 1992-2011

The Writing Life


​Hunting the Mail Buoy and other Hazards to Navigation


Harley L. Sachs

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Check out my latest mystery: "The Seventh Paradigm: Harvey Weinstein is Watching You." Harvey does the coupons for the Krieger grocery chain and wants to broaden his database. He persuades the people at Novacom to merge the clouds. They call the portal Harvey Weinstein which gives him access to all metadata in the world. He can find out everything about everybody, even find out who murdered Uncle Julius in Hamburg. But a portal works in both directions and soon someone finds him.